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What is and Is It Safe to Use (Updated 2022)

So far, in traveling, the thought that strikes the mind most is usually about safety, whether it is safety from snatchers and thieves or about securing oneself from E-frauds. An online traveling agency, aka OTA business, is thriving like no other; you can find many numbers while looking for online ticket bookings. But are they all safe to use?

This one is a big question to ask. In this article, we will unveil the safety and relativity of one of the renowned OTAs,, to foster your decisiveness and ascertain what makes the best flight ticket booking website.

What is is a face that has been working under the group since 2003. Trip.Com has emerged as a global website for booking tickets and hotels online. Their travel services have spread in versatile facets to let their customers have them all at once. 

Since 2003, has been executing a striking business in the domain of travel services which made them a family of over 400 million members. They are aligned with 1.4 million hotels which is a huge figure to seize. is well-versed with their services as they are manner born for travel services. provides services in flight bookings, hotel booking, renting a car, and everything under the umbrella of OTA. The efficacy of the assistance in those services landed them a title of Brand Of The Year Award by South Korea in 2020. 

Apart from recognition, is also identified for its premium benefits and amazing discount and deals in every booking. There is a lot to uncover about Let’s get started with the exciting features we can have by using

More That You Can Do On Trip.Com? is a diverse business that is not just confined to a couple of bookings. Rather, they have a chain of functions to execute a planned trip in a more sorted way. 

  • Rewards:

When you opt for, you can get a reward for every booking and become a loyal travel partner of to earn exciting discounts and reward coins for getting deals below marked prices. 

Fetching coins is easy; all you are required to do is browse the website and join rewards for free. With every booking, you earn certain coins, which are equivalent to cash, and redeem them by booking tickets and goess. 

  • 24×7 Assured Assistance : assures a safe journey; with their 24×7 hotline, you can contact customer executives of anytime. The contact can be made via phone, email, chat, or whatever means you choose. are always there to back you up. 

With their Post Sale service, you can track the status of your flight and select a preferred seat in some cases. 

How To Make Use Of Trip.Com? use

Using is easy, as they maintain an unsophisticated website to deal with. There are a few easy steps and filters that can lead you to the final booking for your trip. 

  • When you browse on the metasearch engine, you will get the website to start booking. Alternatively, you can also go for a mobile app. When you use the mobile app, you can earn reward points also. 
  • On the search bar, enter the destinations you want to go to, and the website will show you the places to explore in the respective city. You have an insight into major attractions and alter your trip accordingly. 
  • If you want to make a hotel or ticket booking, you can tap on the options displayed on the screen and enter the arrival and departure city for the results. It will show you all the flights with every inch of detail. 
  • For hotel bookings, winter the details of the persons and some basic formalities to results and the one that promises you; shoot it to the book! 
  • These are just some essential services that an OTA has; besides, you can freeze the price, rent cars, book train tickets, and earn exciting benefits to make a wallet-friendly trip. 

Is it Safe to Use

It is safe to say that all OTAs incorporate identical ways to execute bookings, but are they all safe enough to insert card details and other crucial information? But let’s get informed on how maintains the safety and confidentiality of their customers. 

For channelizing the bookings, asks for several kinds of permissions and debit & card details, along with some tips. And they integrate these details while enabling payment and identification proof for the sake of their records and third-parties records. 

When asks for this information, they also inhabit the utmost safety and security in the process to make sure your confidential data remains only trusted companies or who are involved in the transaction.

 Their software is fledged with encryption and privacy lock features to hinder cyberpunk entrance. You can rest assured with your data, this information is in safe hands. has security features to safeguard fragile information with two-factor encryption and passwords. is a legitimate and truthful website, as it owns the SSL certificate. SSL is an advanced level that grants the epitome level of safety. Secure Stock layers, aka SSL, is a way to double-ensure the way to crucial information by encrypted links, masked passwords, and other personalized safety systems. is a website with an SSL certificate, which makes it a safe website to count on. only asks for the information necessary for bookings, such as Name, Age, Location, and some bank details. For more transparency, you can review the policies before seeing these details. Policies framed by are communicated with customers to make them know where that information is being used. 

With the help of, you can make secured payments and be satisfied that details of the transaction will only be limited to you and You can rely on the reviews, but you cannot make them base for your decision. 

However, On the internet, somehow did not manage to earn five stars rating, but those who have experienced the services of are very satisfied and elicited; you can trust fully; they have no hidden policies or agendas to work on. 

What do Customers Have To Say About Trip.Com And Its Usability? has users in the figure of millions; you can have a lot of reviews and feedback to discern. Let’s unravel the thoughts of each category to know the excellence of services of 

1. Accessibility and Ease of making use: 

Customers are pretty satisfied with the services of They have access to the website without buying any premium plan or subscription. Easing hotels and flights make users’ experiences delightful and unbothered. Customers appreciate the simplicity of the procedure to attain any service on the website or the app. 

 2. Refunds & Cancellations: has canceled tickets easier, reportedly that customers who have canceled tickets spend days worrying about the refunds they eventually get. Just so you know, if you’re both ringing because the refund has not been initiated, it takes a little long to procure to get things done reverse. 

But you can get in touch with customer care executives who are there to help you 24/7, and you can reach them out via any means, whether you chat or mobile call, or email. 

3.  Safety & Serviceability: 

You don’t need to worry about the website’s safety; is an SSL-certified website which is an honor for having a satisfactorily secured website. You can have a chill breath. Your personal and financial information is more than just safe. 

Talking about serviceability, has an impressive website that contains a lot of features that you can use to lessen prices. Their rewards coin feature is much loved because it is easy to redeem, as asserted by the customers. 

4. Customer Care : 

When you can’t get out of the dilemma, you can reach out to the customer care executive, who is available everywhere to cater to you and entertain you. These resources will help you to cancel tickets, book tickets, and get the status of refunds. 

Conclusion : has been the main website catering to customers for so long.  With time, advancement in technology has made the safety of only better. keeps your device away from malware and ensures that you only get the best experience with them. And is working persistently to make the website easy, handy and safe to use. For the final word, we can be assured that is safe to use. 

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