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Omio review: why is it best for booking travel tickets?

Going to the mediator who can book you the tickets is an old-school method, but relying on a third party to book your tickets without any personal interaction is dubious too. Whoever thought buying tickets for traveling could be this stressful? 

But relax; Omio, an online travel agency world-renowned for ticket booking, will help you to unlock ticket bookings at the lowest price and hassle-free way. Omio Bookings helps you cast off all the barriers hindering your ticket bookings, such as sophisticated procedures, language, and currency differences, and offer you a smooth ticket booking experience for your journey ahead.

What is Omio? 

Omio is a go-to app for travel booking that helps you to find the easiest way to compare prices, routes, and itineraries of transport under one roof. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, Air, bus, or Train, Omio has covered you all under every booking you make via them. 

Previously, Omio OTA was known by the name of GoEuro. So, those who are worried about trusting a new app, relax! Omio is just a new face of prolonged service-oriented OTA; GoEuro, founded in 2013 by a German group GoEuro was confined to central Europe and nearby locations. 

But the new Omio has a network of their operations clenched in Europe, Canada, and the United States. They are tied with more than 1000 transport stations of Buses, Trains, and Flights to channel the route that stands on your desires. One interesting thing that we should know is, Omio promotes sustainable business; hence they are on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint by using digital ways of living life. 

When you enter your traveling details in the mobile application of Omio, they result in multiple routes leading you to your destination, and out of them, the one way that promises you can go for that. The other process of ticket booking we will discuss later on in this article. But you can rest assured to have the maximum of this ticket booking deal. 

Omio Travel Booking shows you the route where you can get introduced to the diversity of the place and enjoy the relaxing journey, free from the freakouts of the trip. 

What Do The Reviews Say About Omio’s Serviceability? 

Being the travel partner spread from urban locations to KRA, Key Remote Areas. Omio takes care of all the services available within their price band. So you don’t have to worry about the money. But this is one side of the story. Let’s see what customers think of Omio and their services. 

The customer has widely applauded the prompt and quick responses from the customer care executives who are available for the 24×7 hotline to entertain the customer’s needs of any kind. You’ll not have to listen to the caller’s tunes while reaching out to the company, and that is guaranteed. 

OTA pools provide nearly the same services with different pay ranges and comparing them one after one is a tough nut. But Omio makes it much easier to have the best prices from every site on a single screen where you can decide for your further journey. 

And once you’ve eliminated the excess options from your cart, you easily get the details of the one route you’ve selected. 

Your price for your selected route is much lower than other OTAs, giving Omio a compatible edge and enticing customers to check with Omio before booking tickets. All you need to do is to follow some easy steps before checking out and paying. 

Omio is a legit mobile that works to improve the traveling experience. Still, the drawback we’ve seen so far in Omio is, being a multimodal tea-selling agency, they are aligned with various partners, and their lack of efficiency by the third party can cause a bad user experience. 

But most likely, all the traveling partners of Omio are in synchronization and make the above hardship once in a Blue Moon. And after speculating on these points, it’s safe to say Omio is the best traveling partner you can ever have. 

Features You Unlock When You Use Omio

We have seen the Key Areas where customers are highly satisfied, and Omio has a competitive edge, but there is a lot more to reap from Omio; they have so many services which will aid your trip and make the traveling experience more fun. 

Offline Tickets: Using Omio for booking allows you to save tickets offline. So, when you’re planning to travel to the outskirts, and your regional travel partner is asking for the tickets, you don’t need to wait a while since the app is buffering. Rather, you can show your offline saved tickets and fasten the process. 

Pre-planned Trips: All the routes and packages of trips are pre-planned and well-curated for you to make your trip full-fledged. All you need to do is mention the places you’re willing to visit with the time and dates, and Omio will show you all the best routes and places to see while traveling. 

Frequent Reminder: To ensure you don’t miss the important elements of your journey, Omio often reminds you of the dates and times of the traveling, and fear of missing the trains & flights is cast out from your mind.

Free Cancellation and Refund: No one can count on circumstances, and for this reason, Omio offers you free cancellations anytime you want to withdraw the tickets and can have a refund. But on some properties, refunds and cancellations will hurdle you a bit.  And to avoid these hurdles, you can go for the Book Now and Pay Later option, which is feasible on any booking. 

These are all features Omio allows you to have while making a booking from Omio. With more than 100 travel partners across Europe, the UK, and the USA, which facilitate the ease of traveling regardless of wherever you go. 

How Does Omio Work? 

Omio is a platform that incorporates a multi-channel transportation system; that integrates advanced technology, which helps you find varied routes that make journeys easier. You can find the nearest landmarks within no time, which makes the ticket booking process cost and time efficient. 

The process starts when you download the mobile application of Omio; after installing the application, you’re required to mention the details of the destination you would like to visit with the dates and times. The screen shows you the detailed routes and flights available for that particular time. 

The great feasibility is you can check the ticket prices with various modes of transport, train, buses, and flights. And the best part is you can see the lowest price of each way of transportation at the transportation icon on the top of the screen. 

After deciding the mode of transport, you can now check on the standard details and fares of every itinerary you’re going to be availed of chosen flight/train/bus. 

For instance: if you’re looking for tickets from Atlanta to Belmont after entering the location, all the flights available will show on the screen, and you can choose one and get the details. The details will comprise the Refund, Cancellation, transport specification, and other necessary information regarding checking in. 

Regarding the final stage, payment, and the most crucial one, you can either pay online in your native currency or exchange the cash and pay later. These two are the most favorable way of making payments and confirming bookings for your favorite destination. 

Pros And Cons Of Omio In A Nutshell

Without counting the shortcomings, anything is incomplete. Here is a quick recap of the services offered by Omio, with a legit review of their Pros and Cons 


  • Free Cancellation and Refunds: 

You can have free cancellation and refund services on some properties, and you can cancel the tickets & ask for a refund from the customer care executive who is there for you 24×7. 

  • Payment And Account Support: 

If you’re having any difficulty making payment and getting hesitant merely for the booking form can reach out to customer support or payment support which will assist you with this. 

  • Change The Currency: 

Changing currency from the ideal to native is easier with Omio; you can select the available currency options and make payments as per your preferred currency. 

  • Cheapest Price: 

With Omio, you’re blessed with the lowest price, backed by safe and scenic routes to make your trip more beautiful than ever. You’re paying only the ideal price which is required to book tickets.


  • Refund On Only A Few Bookings :

The only drawback associated with Omio is only some ticket bookings offer you a refund, as it depends on the policy of the travel partner. You’ll get paid some fraction of the booking, but you need to have solid luck to get this refund 

At the end of this article, we can safely say Omio is a legit and trustworthy company, and you safely execute your trip with minimum fares. There are some major and minor details that you must verify before booking. Else you’re in the right place for ticket booking.

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