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Is Reliable for Hotels & Flights? An Honest Review review

Better and wide connectivity with the world surely landed us so many options and alternatives. Another thing that the wide worldwide connectivity nestled us is reliable feedback to rely on. Each person cultivates some experience that he showcases to the world in the form of feedback or reviews; in this article, we are going to explore reviews and the reliability of Booking com and check if it is worth it or not.

What is, and How Does it Work? 

The first thing that arises is what is; just for you to know, is a travel agency or a mediator that manages the booking of flights, trains, and hotels between the seekers and the service providers. Booking. Com gives you unlimited options to select the best travel partner for your journey. 

Coming to how it works, works like any other travel agency or online ticket booking agent, where you have the option to fill in the details of the destination you want to go to. The website shows you multiple ways to reach there by booking tickets, hotel, and even renting a car to make a complete package for your trip. 

Features Have: 

Without offering additional benefits, a name does not turn into a brand. has a great set of features you can unlock, making it unique. Let’s get aware of some 

  • Rent a Car also: 

You have arrived at your spot, but you have no means to travel further or don’t know how to escalate the trip. Then what? Very few travel facilitator enables the option to book a car for the spot too. With, this option is possible, and you can select the vehicle from various options. 

  • Book a taxi in advance: 

On reaching the destination, you do not need to look for taxis to come to you; book a taxi in advance on Users particularly find this feature great help because surely, after motion sickness, no one possesses the energy to bargain with taxi drivers. 

  • Book flight ticket without any additional charges: 

Many websites claim service charges which are hidden in a manner. When you book flight tickets with, it eliminates all the extra hidden costs and shows. And makes you book tickets on the genuine fare only. And at any stage, if you have any queries, you can go through the FAQ and customer care.  

  • Digital Tickets : 

This era of digitization has turned everything online and, into soft copy, by having a downloaded form of tickets in your gadget to ease from keeping your boarding pass and tickets safe from coffee and getting crankled in the bag. 

  • Explore the world on a couch: 

You have a great option here; if you have the spirit and budget to plan an international trip, not sure where to go? shows you hundreds of places and what to do in addition to that prices and other necessary details. 

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What makes a Credible Website for Booking Flight Tickets? flights and hotel

Flight tickets, whether domestic or international, are always shooting the skies in terms of prices, which makes it obvious that no one will want to take a chance on the booking of tickets with an unreliable website.  Finding the best is not always guaranteed, but you can make a filter on your end. 

But the question here is what makes a credible website; here are the few points takes by heart when you choose to be partnered with them. 

  • Credit Card Safety: 

While you book tickets online, there are big chances of fraud and online cheating, ensures your credit card confidentiality remains only to you and saves it from snatching nu hackers. 

  • Genuine Prices with Free cancellation: only charges the actual flight ticket charges. No additional royalty charges are charged directly or indirectly, and you must rest assured. And even in the case of cancellation, you are not bound to pay a single penny. It’s completely free for users at any time and anywhere. 

  • Captivating Discounts and Offers: 

If you have the title of loyal customer, or you made regular ticket bookings with, you must have relished the contentment of discounts on ticket bookings and even earned some freebies such as free breakfasts and lunch at the hotel. 

  • Book, cancel, and explore from anywhere: 

Have a great booking experience with; you can book tickets from anywhere but must ensure great connectivity with the network. Not only booking but cancellation of tickets and exploring the destination to visit. 

These are the pros of using, but the advantages are not only confined to these few points, but you can book tickets with your sophisticated procedures, which shall be described later in the article. 

Why is the Customer’s Standpoint on the Services Offered by 

Online reviews on the app’s website can sometimes be misleading; this makes us doubt stepping forwards for the service. In the case of, customers have faced some difficulties that should be communicated through this article. 

  • Problems faced with hotels: 

Those who have booked a hotel via the site have faced quite conflicts with respective hotels. Users have complained about receiving an entirely different hotel room from the one booked. This is a key issue that is quite common and extracted from the users. 

What made this issue occur? 

When you book a ticket, then is acceptable for any hindrance. Still, when you are booking a hotel online via, you are redirected to the website of the respective hotel, and the transaction is between you and the hotel; hence, this issuer should not be credited to accounts. 

  • Scope for the betterment of customers service: 

No matter how efficient one is, there is always scope for improvement. Users have a little trouble interacting with the customer care executives of These barriers can be general or specific. In essence language barrier and technical issues, but eventually, if is being derided for this, there should be an improvement. 

  • Why has the refund not been initiated yet? 

Customers often complain about refunds after the cancellation; they suppose to have a refund right after the tiles are canceled. But 

After cancellation tickets, all you care about is a refund, but the sites need to go through a couple of formalities before initiating the transaction; it might take some time, but your refund is not going anywhere, assured. 

These are the major and common queries users might face while booking through an OTA Online Travel Agency; some of these reviews should be overlooked without having a concrete reason to judge on. 

How and Since When is Working? is an online ticket booking agency go-between face for passengers and flights, residees, and hotels. This Netherlands-based OTA company can help to excuse a full-fledged vacation, and they have been in business for more than 20 years. 

And, stepping on how it works? The answer is quite easy. Browse on a search engine and select the very first option. Then, the website will show you the resort to book tickets for which you need to enter the destination and arrival place; after entering the location, time, and dates, you go for a search and see the many options available. The one that blends into your schedule. 

When you observe the alternative, you have access to much necessary information, such as promises, details of layover, luggage allowed, and so on. This is all you need to do when booking tickets with Once you are satisfied with the schedule, just book, pay, and shoot! 

What is the procedure for booking a hotel room? 

There is nothing different or complex about booking a hotel room via after booking the flight tickets; you can jump on the second step, which is hotel booking ( if you are not a visitor, you can book hotel tickets directly too). Search for a specific region, and the website will show you all the available hotels with vacant rooms; you can select the one that suits you, and then, for final booking, you will be redirected to the hotel’s site. And can make a booking there. 


There are so many options available on the internet that offer you lucrative offers and benefits, which might seem promising at a glance. Still, the bitter truth is these flawless offers inclined so much woven unsafe practices that can erupt your journey. All you need to do is discern the site properly and have as much information as you can to save yourself from getting scammed. 

This article contains affiliate links means If you use any services of using our link, we get the certain commission. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Is Reliable for Hotels & Flights? An Honest Review

  1. Do not use these con men!! I have been using them for years and a high genius memeber, however during the last 6 months their customer service is non existent! When you question things they then ignore you and they still promote hotels that are disgusting and not fit for purpose! Use Airbnb and other booking agents! I will be staying this daily on all platforms !!!

  2. The agent on the phone assured me that a credit toward my stay at another location would be applied once I cancelled. I cancelled my booking because the property did not meet the description and the owner agreed to a full refund. I waited for someone to call me back so I can book another location and they never did. When I called them they said they would issue a credit to the card I used. I had to sleep in the car last night because I did not have enough room on my credit cards or money in my account. I have just spent 4500 euros on a rental and 3000 euros on 2 other stays. One I just left from and one is coming up in august.

  3. Great for accomodation DO NOT USE for flights. Booked my flights with who confirmed all booked and happily took my money £1300. Next day cancelled the flight with no help to rebook and kept the money for 10 days. How is that acceptable?

  4. We booked our property 20 days in advance through as it’s a trusted site. However when we reached the destination the owner of the property cancelled our booking and we were on streets for 7hours with no food and we kept contacting At first they promised us to compensate by providing us a stay nearby and we waited several hours and later they declined to support us especially Kurbhan ** and Ray from

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