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Do you find the prices at agoda cheapest then other travel websites? Well, I am sure you for once have thought about agoda being legitimate or not, we’ll find the same in this article as we have compiled our hours of research in finding the reason agoda is cheaper then other travel websites.

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What Is Agoda?

Agoda is an online travel service that acts as a go-between for tourists and hotel or airline businesses. They allow anybody to sell their property on Agoda for a fee in exchange for a percentage of the commission earned when customers book the listed hotels or flights, thanks to their partnerships with several airlines worldwide. 

The fact that Agoda receives millions of visits from all over the world and helps airline companies and property owners contact their potential clients without difficulties is why individuals list their homes and why airlines work with them.

Online travel agency for hotels, vacation rentals, flights, and airport transfers,, or just Agoda, is based in Singapore. It is presently a subsidiary of Booking Holdings and is owned by Singapore-based Agoda Company Pte. Ltd. 

Bookings with Agoda are made using their 38-language mobile app and website. Agoda, which offers private vacation home rentals, has 2.9 million homes listed as of June 2021. Agoda also has iOS and Android applications for hotel and property owners.

More About Agoda 

 It has provided amazing services over the years and has proved to be one of the best websites. Agoda offers more than a million properties worldwide. Agoda has a Day Use offering that enables travelers to reserve rooms for a short period in numerous locations. 

With customized colors, URLs, and a wide range of items, the B2B offerings from Agoda include a white-label platform that partners can utilize to offer their clients an online experience they are accustomed to. Agoda provides a flying product in addition to its online booking system for lodging. In October 2019, this was released.

The business offers a list of privately owned lodgings called Agoda Homes, which includes homes, flats, and villas. Agoda asserts that as of 2021, more than 1.5 million private lodgings are listed globally. As advised by the government, tourists were encouraged to adopt social seclusion during the epidemic. Thus, the firm allowed reserving residences for lengthy durations of 30 to 90 days.

Is Agoda A Trustworthy Website?

To enhance the client experience and highlight its finest prices, Agoda launched money-saving options like AgodaCash, AgodaVIP, and Promo Codes throughout time. With such a solid track record, Agoda is unquestionably a reliable business. 

Agoda employs over 4,000 individuals in 30 countries as of 2021. One of Booking’s most valuable properties and one of its first-ever purchases was Agoda in 2007. Since then, Agoda has developed a reputation for being the place to go for deals on various lodging choices.

Agoda is undoubtedly legitimate because Booking Holdings, the world’s largest provider of online travel services, owns it. Because Agoda acts as a go-between for the visitor and the host, booking through them has a larger chance of problems than doing so directly. Agoda has been there for more than 16 years, and if it weren’t a reliable platform, it most likely would have gone out of business long ago.

Agoda’s parent business, Booking Holdings, which also owns some of the top online travel agencies, including, Kayak,  OpenTable, and others, is another supporter of the firm’s image. It is now ranked among the top 10 booking websites in the globe and is one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies in the world.

Some Concerns And Solutions

Agoda sends an email confirmation to hosts and guests when reservations are made. Every reservation you’ve booked may be found in your Agoda account as a guest. Your host’s account contains access to their bookings. Agoda also sends a reminder email to you and your host a few days before check-in.

If a host forgets to let Agoda know that a room is no longer available, Agoda may overbook if it unintentionally sells that accommodation. Though overbooking seldom happens since hosts often sync their inventory across all platforms and update room availability in real-time. Once you arrive at a resort and are informed that your accommodation was overbooked, contact Agoda to resolve the issue.

If your host refuses to recognize your Agoda reservation when you arrive, even though you have provided identification, a passport if you are a foreign person and proof of booking, report the issue to Agoda immediately, and they will rapidly resolve it.

One of the most trustworthy websites, Agoda, swiftly resolves any issues that may arise.

Safety In Payments

During an online transaction, no one wants to be concerned about their credit card information security. Fortunately, using eliminates this concern. Agoda uses both the merchant and agency business models to operate. According to the merchant model, after paying Agoda for the reservation, the guest pays the host a portion of their money. 

Agoda immediately charges the guest’s credit card without disclosing the card information to the host. Agoda serves as a middleman between the visitor and host through the agency model. Agoda gathers and provides the card information to the host, who then charges the due amount. This avoids billing the visitor directly. The host pays a portion of the entire bill for the visitor to Agoda.

Scheduling Fraud And Scams

Systems are in place at to stop booking fraud and fraud. Designs like this are created to safeguard vulnerable clients. One illustration is the fact that 30 days after a host’s first visitor leaves, Agoda withholds the host’s first payment. 

Only if the booking went without a hitch is payment provided. Hosts must submit paperwork and images to prove their connection to the property they offer. Regardless of how many favorable evaluations a host has amassed, Agoda can prohibit them.

Visitors’ Security On The Property

No matter if you are staying at a resort or guesthouse, safety might be an issue. When making a reservation on for the first time, I  advise you to keep with listings that have received several ratings and have received excellent evaluations overall. Read the listing’s description and the last six months’ user evaluations. 

Hosting businesses are not discouraged by Agoda from listing in any certain regions. Therefore, before making a reservation, study the neighborhood if neighborhood safety concerns you. You may filter by area and distance from attractions by utilizing Location beneath the search box.

What Agoda Does To Enforce Its Rules

Between visitors and hosts, Agoda settles conflicts. By publishing listings, hosts accept the terms of Agoda’s policy page. When making a reservation, guests accept these terms and the rules of their host. Agoda penalizes hosts following company regulations when they violate its laws, such as when they unfairly cancel a guest’s reservation or post an advertisement with false images or text. If a visitor violates the terms of their agreement, Agoda will punish them following the duration of their booking.


The reviews for the resort are the first thing you should look at when making a reservation on Agoda. Look for the establishment’s amenities, cleanliness, and customer support details.

The evaluations on Agoda are quite reliable because only guests who have actually stayed at the facility can write them. 

More information, such as the customer’s visit date and goal, is available. This should allow you to learn much about the lodging’s inner workings. To achieve the best results, try to choose a star rating of at least 9.0 or higher.

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Booking Confirmation

Another great piece of advice is to call the hotel to confirm your reservation. You will get a confirmation email from Agoda once your reservation is made, but I advise getting a second confirmation straight from the hotel to be sure there won’t be any issues when you get there. 

You can call the phone number supplied to you by Agoda, use the chat feature, or send the property an email. You may do this by clicking on your booking in your account’s My Bookings section.

Never Transact Outside Of Agoda

Never transact outside of Agoda is another crucial piece of advice for tourists. This implies that you must constantly interact with your host inside the app for payment and communication. You and the host can communicate via chat once an Agoda reservation has been made. 

However, your host should never ask for money or security deposits outside of Agoda; if a host does, it’s probably a fraud. Agoda will always collect the payment and transmit it to the host on your behalf whenever you make a reservation.

Decide On A Secure Location On Agoda.

Over 2 million homes worldwide are available for holiday rentals through Agoda. You can never be completely sure how secure a place will be, but completing your research will help. The listings on Agoda will also give you an idea of the areas and facilities close to your lodging. Find a location that seems welcoming and safe.

Customer Service at Agoda

 Agoda customer service can appear trustworthy. You may go to the support center if you have general inquiries, such as any COVID travel limitations in your region or how to modify your booking.

Considering all these factors, Agoda is better and cheaper than its competitors.

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