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Traveling is all about spending gorgeous moments with our family and friends. When Monday blues become unbearable, we all call for a vacation where we can rejoice and recharge. Talking about Gen-Z, they are not bound to stick in the same place for their whole life; in life, they want to wander and wonder. 

But what when dreams and fascination are trapped under the cage of money constraints? Well, you are no longer required to be worried about the budget. Hostel world is there to back you up with low prices for hotel booking anywhere you go. 

What is HostelWorld all about? 

Hostelworld is an OTA, working since 1999 to deliver the epitome of services worldwide. Hostel world provides the core business services for the travel enthusiast to be a bridge between travelers, dream places, and the destinations waiting for the wanders to appreciate. 

Hostelworld is an OTA, but what makes it unique and lovable among all the travel geeks is it is stepped in with hostels. For those unaware, when you book a Hostel for a staycation, it costs a lot cheaper than any three or 5-star hotel, and you pay only a fraction of your hotel budget. 

They are included in the sustainable involvement in business which assures a win-win situation for travelers and nature. Hostel world is a wide channel that works day-night to maximize the options for your leisure. And to prove that traveling is indeed the best therapy. 

Being a traveler who strives to have fun, it’s always a pleasure to spend time with new faces who are alike. And, with the hostel world, you can have recreation with people who are the two peas in a pod. 

What are the pros and cons of Hostelworld? 

There is always a quid pro quo; on the one hand, the hostel world offers a chance to make your trip memorable lifelong. Hostelworld will make sure you get new experiences that are beyond the lavish hotel rooms and fancy banquets. 

However, you can have the option to book hotels and resorts if those are your predilections. But let’s adhere to the pros and cons of going to the hostel world for travel booking. 

Pros : 

  • Getting along with new travel-mates
  • A wholly unique experience beyond fancy hotel rooms
  • Enjoying the rawness of the trips with safety
  • 24×7 customer care assistance
  • All the amenities are available, including the swimming pool, snooker, billiard tables, high-tea parties and bonfires, easy and safe parking, and well-equipped and clean rooms for your stay. 
  • Free wifi services even in remote areas.
  • Easy access 
  • Not so sophisticated booking procedure 
  • Kids-friendly amenities are available; your kid can have toy rooms and observe nature’s beauty at its best, kids-proof play areas. 
  • Laundry and linen facility available 
  • Liplicious food and minibars
  • Fitness and gym areas


  • Unspecific rates for the rooms and hotels according to distinct regions
  • You cannot have all the amenities at once.
  • Wisely selecting the hotel if traveling with kids
  • Rush on the website  leads to non-flexible booking 

These are all the pros you can have as amenities when you book a hostel or hotel via hostel world, but surely there is so much more to do all you’re asked to do is find the places favorable to your energy and give yourself a thrilling experience on this trip. 

And the best part is you can hold some classes or tutor such as yoga, dancing, or Zumba to add liveliness to the hostel. Living as a guest, there is an opportunity for you to earn money as well. Exciting, isn’t it?  

How do you avail discount codes, and what discounts are available at the hostelworld? 

When you become a part of the hostelworld family, you gather multiple enticing benefits to redeem the discount codes you are receiving on booking or via promotional mail. 

And we bet you couldn’t get something more exciting when you booked with discount coupons, and with hostelworld, you can get up to 20 to 80% off every deal, which is already at its lowest price. These vouchers and coupons are available on festive occasions, and premium coupons if you have earned loyalty benefits. 

How to redeem vouchers/coupons? 

Whenever you receive vouchers or coupons from the hostelworld, there is a certain threshold for redeeming them. You are required to save them before the deadline to enjoy the offers. 

There are some easy steps to follow to redeem the coupon. Here’s how you can save them.

Step 1: log into the app or the website: 

To redeem the coupon, you first need to log into the mobile application or website of hostel world. Their sites are available in 19 languages; you don’t need to worry about language jargon. 

Once logged in, you can search for the location you want to go or where you want to stay, choose the hotel and select the other process. 

Step 2: Book the hotel: 

While booking the hotel, you can check for the amenities and more about hotels. After a booking is made, you can also go for a secure checkout to complete the authentication of the transaction. 

Step 3: Payment for the booking: 

Once you’re done with the secure checkout, the only thing left is payment. While initiating the price, you’ll be asked to apply the promo code where your voucher will be automatically used, and you can go for hitting the pay button to make the booking confirmation. 

This is all you need to follow while reducing the coupon; here is some general information you need to grasp before redeeming them. 

All the coupons and vouchers are eligible for up to 6 months; while making the booking, your vouchers will get automatically applied. 

Also, the hostel world upholds the right to cancel or restore the voucher if the beneficiary finds any fraud. 

Other features of the hostel world

There are some amazing features you can unlock while using the hostel world, and we guarantee what acting features the hostel world offers. You’ll never find it somewhere else. 

  1. Hostel Notice Board: 

If you’re a hostelworld mobile application user, you can access amazing articles and blogs featured in the hostel notice boards section. Hostel notice boards post some sensational details that are communicated by sensational details about the property, which can be about any event or any exciting buzz. 

  1. Hostel Chat: 

Unlike any chat messenger, hostel chat allows you to get on and thrive with the other roommates staying in the same place as you. It is a simple and instant messaging feature. You can ping each other to get along and plan exciting plans for the days ahead. And you can be part of the gang before even checking in. 

You can avail of this feature 48 hours before the stay and make a profile to let others know about you. The hostel chat feature is immensely loved, and it is a hit feature in 50 hostels. People get connected and make memories beyond imagination.

  1. Make your hostel wishlist: 

Hostel apps are very young generation friendly; they have enthralling features to excite and attract more young energy towards them. If you want to stay in any specific place, add it to the wishlist and save it for high-time booking; you can organize the hostels according to their amenities or things to do. 

How to use the hostelworld? 

We have gathered plenty of information on the hostel world, but we are still missing the most important aspect, which is how to book hostels and all these stunning features. 

Step 1: Book any hostel/hotel/resort. Firstly you need to go to the website or install the mobile application. And mention your details or offers. The location where you want to spend the rest of the few days. 

Step 2: After clicking on the browse buttons, you’ll be loaded with options to choose the best suits you. Select the property of your liking, and you’ll get the property description. While looking forward to the property, keep in mind to check

  • Facilities availed by the owner
  • General facilities available
  • Food & drinks facility available
  • Services
  • Amenities available for leisure 

These are some easy steps you can follow and make the best use of the hostel world to make your vacation full of thrills and thrifts.  

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It’s always good to know the ins and outs of anything before making the final decision, and this goes with hostel world as well; with a customer rating of 4 on the media, hostel world will make sure you always have the best from your trips and go back with remarkable memories.  

By paying attention to a few details, you can deliberately compare the prices and, We assure you that you’ll be unable to find something as efficient and unique as the hostelworld.  

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