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Expedia Review: Should You Book Your Travel There?

Operating their Online Traveling Agency with the USP of lowest and fastest prices for ticket booking, Expedia is a third-party ticket booking platform that assists you in getting travel deals in minutes to the destination of your dreams. They have covered their venture around the world to facilitate the ease of traveling. 

But do covering every speck in the world and treating the traveling at relatively fair prices enough?  Certainly Not when it comes to customer satisfaction. In this article for Expedia Review, we will dive deeper into the services that Expedia offers and what makes them different from other OTAs. 

A Little More About Expedia: 

The way of working of Expedia relies on this Third-Party booking, which means they are working as a mediator between a hotel/airline/rental car and you. While playing in the middle, Expedia negotiates the prices and amenities to ensure the best travel and a happy stay. 

 Expedia is one of the most trusted platforms. For ticket booking, gradually, it became the whole travel planner. This helps you to get a perfect go-to-vacation, from staying to roaming; everything is full-fledged and planned by Expedia to lessen your burden for planning the wholesome trip. 

What Makes Expedia Better Than Others? 

Indeed Expedia had unique and special features that allowed it to be one of the first third-party booking websites.  But the question is, what are they, and how should you benefit from that feature to complete your trip. 

Complying with the notion that Expedia states it avails the travel tickets at the lowest price on the website. The reason that makes discounted prices possible is, Bundling; in this method, you book tickets for many activities at once. That allows you to give a discount on the final price and you find it cheaper. 

For instance: When you book the whole trip via Expedia Trip Planner, you adjust your bookings and stays according to them, and with a mass of bookings, Expedia negotiates with the prices, takes them to the minimum, and then displays them on their websites, and that’s you can give the benefit from Expedia Bundling. 

Next, the reason why Expedia is special is because of the deals and offers on every ticket booking once you pass the threshold limit of booking to become a loyal member of the Expedia family. You unlock exciting discounts and offers while booking travel, and Expedia lets you enjoy the premium luxuries in the itinerary. 

Being an Expedia premium member, you can get ease in prices in booking flight tickets when at the high time. Or you can look for world-class amenities during your travel stay that, too, at the minimum cost possible. A great connection in the form of deals allows Expedia to grant you amazing offers every time of the year. 

Travel Insurance is vital to secure the trip from any uncertainty. You can have that too on Expedia, apart from being partnered with traveling booking. Expedia is also partnered with AIG Travel Guard, which enables you to have travel insurance in a minute (before booking and paying for the trip). 

You have a whole planned and safe trip without effort because every facet of travel, from wandering to places to getting aid for any hurdle in the journey, is taken into account by Expedia. And these are some unique features that are praiseworthy in Expedia. 

How To Book Travel Tickets With Expedia? 

Expedia is a very easy-to-use and quick travel booking app; you can search the dates and vacant bookings for flights, hotels, or cars to rent in a couple of minutes if you follow three easy steps. 

In the first step, you browse Expedia. Com on the search engine, and after tapping on it, you’ll get a space for entering your travel details but before entering, make sure you select the way of transport you’re willing to continue the journey.

It can be Car/Flight/Train/Bus, whatsoever, but first, select the options from the first option bar and then enter your traveling details for your bookings. 

Let’s say, for instance; you’re looking for Air Tickets to Atlanta from Texas U.S.; you can search by the location and the dates you want to take off, and after getting results, you can compare the prices between the transport and you will earn the best deal possible.

Once you have found the best deal that satisfies all your expectations from the trip, you can go for the book option, and they have countless ways of initiating the payment. After filling in some personal information. Which is asked for the safety and prevention of cybercrime. 

Once you’re all set for the traveling and the booking has been done, you get a mail. On the given mail id or you get a confirmation code for the booking, which actualizes the booking. That is great because from here, you start to have evidence for any tough conditions on the trip.  

Should Expedia Be Treated As A Priority For Travel Booking? 

Everything has seemed promising so far about Expedia, and after seeing those facilities and services, you are golden if you treat Expedia in the first place for travel booking. Apart from unique features, let’s see what salient features should be noted before booking a ticket with Expedia. 

You can only enjoy luxury when the basics are prompt. Here is the review for its basic services, such as customer care, returns, refunds, and cancellation, which are very important to note for a happy journey.

In the cancellation of tickets, you can expect to have a refund of the paid amount only if you claim the cancellation and refund within 24 hours.  Else, You have to pay for services and taxes and get the amount after deduction. 

For canceling the tickets, you can opt for two ways; one is calling the customer helpline no. Which is mentioned on the website itself, and the second is canceling the booking via the website after going through all the terms and conditions of Expedia for ticket cancellation thoroughly, 

You can decide to dump or continue the trip because it entirely depends on you. Note: in some cases, you don’t get the refund because it’s also up to the property owner’s policy. So, make you check that too if the property avails the option for a refund or not to avoid the chaos after. 

The extract gathered by the reviews so far in the customer care of Expedia is said to be the weakest point of the whole Expedia Group; users have multiple complaints about Expedia’s customer care handle, which are directly related to dissatisfaction with the given solution. 

That opinion is to warn you about taking a comprehensive view of the policies and terms & conditions you agree on because a little recklessness can cause you unrest for days. 

Pros And Cons Of Expedia: 

It’s time to remind you of all the facilities and drawbacks of Expedia, but in a nutshell. So, when you book for the next time, you’ll know where to pay attention and where you can benefit from the offers to get more ease in the prices. 

  1. Pre-Planned trips: Pre-planned trip packages from Expedia contain all the famous places and spots you must visit once and also ensure a great stay, which helps you to save a lot of time and rather than paying for each site individually you pay for one at the lump sum amount. 
  1. Offers And Deals: On Expedia, you can expect to have suggestions and deals 24×7, while on other OTAs, you are eligible to relish the offers only at the time of Christmas and New  Year; this also makes a difference in the prices which justifies with the Expedia USP. 
  1. In-hand Travel Insurance: Even if you forget to buy travel insurance for yourself and your family, you don’t need to worry because, with Expedia, you’re backed with Travel Insurance, reportedly the best company for Insurance. 


  1. Poor Customer Care: If you are in deep trouble, don’t expect much and great help from customer care; they are too bound to go by the owner’s policy, which is not certain with the refund. On the other matters, regarding travel booking, you can count on them. 
  1. Complex Policies: When it comes to framing the policies for travel, the itinerary for traveling needs to go through every word to be sure of what you are agreeing on. Those policies have many clauses and sections that need utmost care before tapping on “I Agree.” 

These are the few Pros and Cons which are essential to notice before making a travel booking with Expedia. 


By keeping simple and genuine tips in mind, you can fetch the best out of Expedia; regardless of some drawbacks, Expedia is still the legit platform to book tickets, and you can count on their travel packages because they include every place you’ll ever wish to go.  

With Expedia, your journey is half-done. All you need to do is pack the bag and roll on to the place you always desired to go. 

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