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CheapOair Review: Is it the Best Option for Budget Travelers?

What CheapOair is, what it has special from other OTA’s available online. How can you take advantage of those special features?

When you book a ticket by being an ally of OTAs, you give them your trust because online travel agencies are your one-stop solution to all your queries. Online travel agencies have everything easy to access, which makes them a choice for all travel-related questions, and they cater with their convenient service to ensure you travel without any hassle and chaos in the journey. Let’s discover a website that is one of its kind and can help you throughout the journey. 

What is CheapOair, and what makes it unique from others? 

CheapOair is an online travel agency that has been in business since 1989, and they have been thriving since then. CheapOair is an authentic travel partner that works online to ensure you have the best travel experience ever. CheapOair has partnered with more than 400 hundred airlines with international status to stimulate the journey worldwide. 

CheapOair guarantees you the cheapest airfares for hotel booking and flight tickets. You can even have discount coupons; you can explore so many places that can be your next trip. 

CheapOair protects you from various uneasiness when you tap on connection protection. Once you tap on connection promotion, this promotion includes missed connections, delays in flights, and cancellation of tickets. 

But connection promotion is the only feature that we have discussed so far. CheapOair has so many options to make your journey comfortable and easy and gives you immense relief throughout the journey. 

What CheapOair has more to offer? 

When you are serving as one of the best online travel agencies, you cannot just stay confined to one premium feature to stand out. 

  1. Connection Protection: 

Connection protection, it’s time to get to know about this feature in more detail; connection protection is the new feature added on CheapOair. With the help of connection promotion, you can unlock several benefits, including instant Rebooking, Refund of Unused Tickets, Overnight accommodations, 

Alternative transportation, Foods & Drinks. 

  1. CheapOair Credit Card:

You can have a separate credit card or a special credit card that allows multiple credit benefits. You have the option to redeem those points by spending them on hotel bookings and flight bookings. But you all must be wondering how to avail those credit points; it’s a cup of tea! You get 1 point as a member reward and 6 points as a credit card reward, 7 points that can be accumulated from spending $1 for using credit for making transactions. 

  1. CheapOair mobile app: 

There is a lot you can do in the mobile application of CheapOair. Now there is nothing left that you can’t do what a travel agent can. With this mobile app, you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, and rent a car. Ultimately you have all the services in your hand. 

  1. Be a part of club miles for extra services: 

The level of the point game is rising! After introducing CheapOair credit cards, you now have an even more promising option to gain points and redeem them. Be a member of club miles you can rejoice in the abundance of offers and deals. On each booking of 1000 points, they convert redeemed points to 5 dollars as a reward to fascinate the booking & payments.   

Club miles are an exciting and deliberate feature; once you have unlocked the bronze tier, you can jump to the silver and gold consecutively. And the process to avail of them is even easier than earning points; all you need to do is make a booking with CheapOair, redeem points and repeat.

How does CheapOair work?

CheapOair is an online platform that integrates all functions concerning online tickets, and booking tickets is done with the least sophisticated process. All you need to do is browse the website and search for the destination you want to do; the meta engine will show the best deals available to make the journey easier and happier. 

Let’s see how CheapOair works 

CheapOair is very handy to use on the website, the search engine of CheapOair works like any other OTA; browse the site and tap on the official website of CheapOair, which will display the destination-filling option, but before this, you need to make some filters for getting customized results for your journey. 

  • One-way or two-way journey 
  • You can even go for the multi-city option if you want to hop into many cities 
  • After sorting this, select the coach class and fill up the no. Of seats, you will be needing. 

After completing all prerequisites, the search engine will show you all the flight details with the frequency and duration of layover time of the total journey. 

While signing up for the seat, you’ll get a pop-up notification for travel insurance covering the following benefits for just $108.5 each. 

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Travel delay
  • Rigorous weather 
  • Trip Interruption
  • Mechanical emergencies 
  • Baggage delay & lost 
  • Airline Bankruptcy   

These are all the benefits you can attain while booking tickets, which makes your trip covered with double shield protection, and that too at just the cheapest cost. 

What do customers have to say about CheapOair services? 

The customer is the king, and their reviews and feedback are the best sources to rely on after discerning the website on your own. We have curated such reviews from genuine customers to make this more transparent. 

Once you hold a title of cheapO air credit can’t holder, you can have a lot on your desk. Those who have a credit card can avail of interest-free payments for six months ( but to enjoy this benefit, you must meet the condition to spend at least $399 after the discount deduction)  

These are ways to earn points to make your next travel free from interest. Flight ticket booking 1 point for each dollar spent. 

Hotel and car rentals three extra pints on each dollar spent. 

  • Customer service experience: 

On a scale of five, customers are willing to give 3.5 to CheapOair customer service. People find customer care executives very generous to talk with and solve their problems. But on the other hand, there are quite a few people who are pretty dissatisfied with the customer’s services that may be because of the language barrier and not understanding the technical jargon

  • Discounts and price deduction: 

CheapOair is the airline that shows you option a to book international tickets by spending the minimum pennies possible. You can avail of those discounts they preach on the websites and stand on their words. You can earn extensive Rewards on every booking you make, and if you use the check air mobile application, your earn points more vigorously.

  •  Travel Cancellations and refunds : 

After providing too much discount on the cheapest flights, allowing travel cancellations refunds is nearly impossible. But there is always a bright side; you can have travel protection, aka travel insurance which will cover all your costs, from travel cancellation to mechanical issues, for just 180 USD. 

Talking about the refund, the ticket fare is already at its best price that you won’t even think about the discount.  

  • Safety Concerns:

CheapOair is a very safe and secure platform that makes your journey shields with double-layer protection, one being partnered with truthful and secured airlines and the second offering travel insurance. This travel insurance is sufficient for those who do not plan frequent tours. You need to pay a premium for using them once in a Blue Moon. 

  • Booking process

Well, talking about the booking process in general, all the OTA’s use the same procedure to showcase the vacant flights, but the route and the airline available at the minimum price make each of them unique. The dangling prices might confuse you, but when you can have the cheapest of all without compromising on the services, there is a real win-win situation for you. 

The booking process is simple rather, I say, very deliberate in sorting the flight up to your needs and showing only the best that suits you. 

  • 2021 Customer choice winner 

 Additional information for you to know, CheapOair is also the best ally to the customer. They have a 24×7 hotline available to improve your experience constantly. Customers have to choose cheap flights for several reasons 

  • Discounted prices
  • Meeting the promises
  • Credit care facility 
  • Attentiveness towards customers
  • Clubline membership
  • Easy booking process 

All of these features made cheapOair earn the title of customer choice winner of the year 2021. 


Traveling in this era is not a luxury anymore; the rapidly evolving environment asks for players that can match their speed. And cheapOair is one the best-suited examples for this. With the help of cheapOair, you can travel smart and earn points to redeem for the journey later. CheapOair has got everything at budget-friendly prices, and that’s how they justify the title of 2021 winner for customer choice. The final word for this article is CheapOair is legit. You guys can go for it. 

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