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Agoda Review! Why is it so Cheap?

Discerning why Agoda is the cheapest website in the OTA cluster. 

You surely have come across many websites promising the best deal at the lowest price, but do they mean it? To ascertain whether they mean it, you will need to scrutinize all the facets they rely on to offer you the lowest price possible. 

And this article is utterly dedicated to Agoda, an online travel and hotel booking company with a competitive edge with low prices. Let’s check how they maintain and set the bar so low for tickets & hotels for the booking and how they manage to avail premium services at low prices every time. 

What is Agoda all about? 

Before taking on what makes Agoda cheap, we better determine what Agoda is. For those who do not know, Agoda is an OTA ( online traveling agency) that works toward making the online hotel and ticket booking hassle-free and comfortable for all corners around the globe. 

Agoda entered into the venture of OTA in 2005; earlier, it was a budding e-commerce startup in Singapore, which is world-renowned and widely loved by its customers and partners. They are allied with 2 million properties, whether to discuss hotels, apartments, or flats and associated with airlines to offer fair ticket prices. 

Agoda is a global platform that works multinationally to make the user experience better by each day. The USP of Agoda is they have a competitive edge in the market of OTA by bestowing the utmost client satisfaction within the minimum fare bracket. And this is what this article is all about, how Agoda manages to nail the services at such low prices. 

This is no lie; Agoda is a legit company. They have operations spread across 30 countries, and their diversity in function helps them to channel the price rebates and discounts as per the events and festivities in the respective country. 

What more should you know about Agoda before making a booking 

  • Agoda is a merchant model, and at the same time, it is an independent platform. More easily, Agoda works for the hotels directly and indirectly. You can expect to pay directly for the hotels while making a booking, or Agoda works as a mediator and sells you products (rooms and amenities) at discounted prices. 
  • Agoda is a travel tech company that works deliberately in tech and mobility advancement in operations. Their approaches are proactive, which helps them to have one-person upmanship in many facets, whether to talk about partnerships or deals against money. 
  • You can also have Agoda VIP perks, which have a thing for traveling, and hotel rooms are part of your daily life. You can attain amazing offers and bigger discounts with every deal to keep your pocket cozy. You can benefit ahead and land premium services such as free breakfast and lunches and multiple discount coupons. 
  • If you’re willing to run your property on rent, you can go for that too. By following simple steps and easy verification, you can earn money by renting your space on Agoda.

How can you turn your house into a second source of income with the help of Agoda

Agoda is a side website that deals with many hotels to meet the customer’s requirements and gets on them with the utmost ease and comfort. To communicate the message of top-notch services, provides you with various promotional tools that convey the features of Agoda in a commoner way. 

  1. Customizing promotion:

The customized experience entices the customer, but the other way that lures them more towards your place is the offers and deals you curate for them that they cannot find anywhere else. With pre-prepared templates, you can make custom discounts and offer templates. 

While making the templates, you can use Agoda‘s pre-introduced offers, such as early bird offers to persuade customers to book early and enjoy the early bird benefits. 

  1. Mention the minimum and maximum hours for a staycation: 

Before starting to rent your property, you must mention the bracket of minimum to maximum dates for a staycation to have more visitors. The prelusive mentioning of days available and the number of days they can book in advance gives an insight to visitors too to make the second rational and settle down the unanticipated chaos. 

  1. Make the boundaries clear: 

Before someone meets in your space, make your boundaries and dos & didn’t clear to them to prevent friction between the renter and the rentee, because surely you don’t want to be sore in the eye of newly coming visitors. 

Add the conditions you don’t want to entertain on your property, and then you can step further. 

Here are some basic guidelines for you to check before registering as a renter on; you are also required to make up a few more details that we will see in a nutshell. 

  • Discount and frequent applying discounts
  • Check-in and check-out timing 
  • Where to book from? ( in the context of date and day)

That’s it; by taking care of these aspects, you are all set. You earn a penny by lending your house to the Rentee.

Why is Agoda cheaper than the other OTAs? 

Every brand name associated with an OTA has its competitive edge, for Agoda provides hotel rooms and soothing spaces at cheaper rates. The reason why Agoda meets the customers’ expectations to have premium quality suites at par prices will be discussed below. 

Agoda.Com books the rooms in bulk, which enables them to set the prices at their convenience rather than relying on a third party to label the costs for the rooms and services.  

Introducing the conversion of your property into a room, people willingly come forward not to earn merely but to have more vibrancy and happiness in their place. The trio of Agoda, space owners, and visitors adds life to numb areas.

While analyzing how Agoda makes luxurious rooms available at low prices, we must remember that Agoda. Com is a global platform for online hotel and ticket booking, and the professionalism of Agoda benefits them by introducing various discounts and offer schemes to the audiences. 

And that’s the very reason customers redeem the coupons and promo codes and lucrative Irish discounts on every booking. These strategies help Agoda to increase sales. When the benchmark touches sales, the concern of the business is called to customer retention and satisfaction rather than wealth generation.  

So, this is how Agoda makes lower prices available to luxury to modest suites. And you can find the one that compliments you and your prerequisites. Let’s have a look at what kind of discount Agoda offers. 

Discount offers available on Agoda

The discounts and offers available on Agoda are time bound and granted after some occasions, such as the new year’s discount. But there is always something to have more that is beyond formal deals. 

When you expire the discount and deals section on the website of Agoda, you’ll be shown the various discounts available with their respective coupon codes, which makes redeeming easier. 

If you have an Agoda loyalty award, you’re also eligible for their VIP benefits, where you can get amazing deals before others and earn rewards on every booking. 

Read reviews of every property to get a more transparent opinion 

With Agoda, you can go through the reviews, ratings, and feedback in the written and image form of every individual hotel. Those reviews will help you to step out of dilemmas and false expectations and aid you in making wiser and nicer decisions.

Not only analyze but be part of the review group and share your experience with everyone out there who is seeking some light on the conditions of rooms, food, and ambiance. However, Agoda. Com makes sure only verified, and up-to-the-mark hotels only get displayed but having more personalized opine fastens the better and worth decision because you cannot stake the staying. 

More about Agoda: 

With a customer rating of 4 in the global parameter, Agoda has made a special place in the hearts of travelers. Agoda is not a synonym for booking hotels and travel bloggers, and those who have to travel. Often for the sake of job and duties, trust Agoda like no other. 

In 2022, Agoda was also honored with the prize for the best customer care service provider, showing how much their customers value them. They say the team works closely to bridge the gap for bestowing satisfaction to customers to its fullest.  


Agoda is a great website you can go with for making bookings for hotels and flight tickets. They both are equally credible and cheaper, and you have the trust of professionals who have been in the league since long ago. The very reason Agoda is considered reasonable is not because of its standard of devices but because of the intention to bestow customer satisfaction rather than yearning for profit. 

Now you can rest easier and make a booking with Agoda for your next trip without giving it any second thought.

3 thoughts on “Agoda Review! Why is it so Cheap?

  1. Switched my hotel to one 52km away in a different city 3 days before arrival due to a “mapping error” and offered zero resolution except to cancel the booking. Now I’m stuck finding myself a new hotel with much higher prices.

  2. Hopefully Agoda improves on their customer service Michael Douyon with IT raised his voice at trainees. He also had his TV blasting throughout the call , didn’t seem interested in assisting at all.Overall unprofessional and not helpful.Poor representation of the company.

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