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5 Best Travel Insurance Companies If You Are Traveling to Europe

Wandering and wondering is our all-time favorite mood; it is not surprising that we all are keen on traveling.  Traveling makes the mind soothing and keeps us on track, but have you ever wondered if your traveling goes out the way? We are here to save you in case such a situation arises. This article will enlighten your glossary with the five best travel insurance companies that can be your best travel companion on a journey all the way long. 

These companies will put you through any uncertain happening in your journey and keep you & your family safe and sound. 

What is Travel Insurance? 

travel insurance

You must have come across the terms life insurance, marine insurance, car insurance, health insurance, and so on. But a very handful of us know what travel insurance is; well, those who do not know will get an answer here, and those who do will get a chance to polish their knowledge of it. 

Travel insurance is the insurance that keeps you safe against losses and risks occurring when you travel. The risks can be of any form, such as financial risk or loss of luggage. The hierarchy of the issues goes from minor to major and Travel insurance covers all the problems under their umbrella. 

Travel Insurance broadly is a practice for those who are not willing to take an adventure on board, and the very purpose of bringing in travel insurance is to make traveling hassle-free and easy for passengers. Travel insurance ensures you get the help right on time in an emergency. 

These are the  problems that Travel Insurance entertains: 

  • Medical Expenses of the passengers 
  • Lost of luggage 
  • Flight cancellation reimbursement 

Why Is Travel Insurance Important? 

You can never bet on the predictions, nor can you assure yourself with the certainty of safeguarding the trip from every obstacle. Life is uncertain, and so is traveling; all you need to ensure is that the right company accompanies you. 

Here are the key points to let you understand the importance of Travel Insurance more easily and practically. 

  1. Avoiding the Vacation Budget going into Void: 

It takes hard work and dedication to collect some money to plan a full-fledged trip with no guilt for later on. And you have the right to protect your dream trip from any hindrance, which is a good reason for having travel insurance. 

  1. Avoiding spending extra pennies on medication: 

When you plan a trip abroad, you cannot say anything about the weather, food, and, most importantly, your health. Minor inconveniences turn into major bills. But when you have travel insurance, you have got these bills covered. And, in case of medical emergencies, you won’t want to rush to the ATMs to pay your accounts at the front desk. 

  1. Claiming for the lost baggage: 

Luggage getting misplaced is nothing new in traveling; this is a very old story, but with a new version, you can claim lost luggage and return it with the help of travel insurance. And, if it takes plenty of time to fetch it, you can even claim reimbursement for necessities such as shoes, food, and clothes.

  1. Losing the crucial documents: 

Items such as food, clothes, and shoes can be retrieved once, but important documents like passports, grade sheets, and identity proof. With travel insurance in your account, you can claim to get those important documents rapidly. And they even compensate for buying you a new one if it is not found. 

We have gathered a lot of knowledge regarding what travel insurance is and what you need to have one. But let’s uncover some best companies that assist you efficiently when traveling to Europe. 

Top 5 Companies for Travel Insurance for Europe : 

Here are the top 5 companies that we will allow to take a chill pill and help you get the problem solved. 

1. AXA Travel Insurance:

axa travel insurance

 AXA Europe travel insurance company offers travel insurance to more than 20 European countries; there are so many features and facilities that AXA Travel insurance provides. These insurance plans are open for individuals, couples, and families, and policies are framed in ways to give the utmost satisfaction to travelers. 

  • Costs covered for 180 days
  • Expenses settlement for medical emergencies, hospitalization, injury and fractures, and other major medicinal expenses. 
  • Overall coverage up to 111,000 USD 

Above mentioned is all vital information about travel insurance by AXA; you can get a travel insurance certificate immediately, and there is no age bar to getting this insurance. You can expect not to bear any hidden charges. This insurance is 0 deductible.

And the best part is that AXA’s visa is not only confined to European countries; you can extend travel insurance to Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

AXA travel insurance is one the best travel insurance that covers your medical expense and even gives you the option to extend your trip 

2. Policy Bazaar: 

policybazaar travel insurance

Policy bazaar is a renowned website for all sorts of insurance; they have a niche business in insurance and policy framing to give you the utmost ease. Concerning travel insurance, there are a few easy processes for having travel insurance on the policy bazaar but let’s understand the benefits first. 

  • Get reimbursement benefits for trip cancellations and 
  • Getting covered for medical expenses 
  • Covers the baggage loss; if occurred during transit or check-in 
  • Special plans for dealing with COVID-19 precautions

Let’s get to how to get a travel insurance policy with Policy Bazaar; the process is very easy and divided into five easy steps, enter your travel destination and dates, then the number of passengers with age, fill up some medical formalities, and enter your mobile number, the policy bazaar team will contact to make you all the ins-outs of the policy. 

If you go for special coverage plans, you can even claim compensation for flight delays, loss of passport, and so many other personal liabilities.

3. Europe Insurance: 

europe insurance

Europe Insurance has been in the business of providing travel insurance for Europe for more than 15 years. They have catered to over 50 thousand customers and made one insurance that works for all of Europe. 

  • There are two plans available for travel insurance, one that covers medical bills up to €60,00 (basic) and the other one that covers € 150,000 (extended) 
  • If you opt for basic travel insurance, you’re not eligible for lost baggage claims, electronic device support systems, and third-party liability. Still, with extended travel insurance, you can have these facilities. 
  • Furthermore, you can have multiple benefits under both insurance categories, 24×7 assistance in Europe, and high insurance limits with numerous medical facilities. 
  • For making a payment, you can swipe your card in the local currency without worrying about having euros. 

Europe Insurance Company, this travel insurance is valid for Europe. This one insurance certificate will apply to all 52 countries in Europe. This travel insurance will secure any travel, tourist, student, or working visa.

4. Care Insurance: 

care insurance

Care Insurance is the old player in the insurance market; they have trusted many customers for years. The center of their services is customer satisfaction which makes their insurance policies customer-centric. You can unlock many trial benefits with Care Insurance’s travel insurance. 

  • They have plans that entertain the specific region of Europe.  
  • In-patient treatments 
  • Loss of passport and baggage 
  • Delay, cancellation, and interruption in trip
  • Coverage for pre-existing illness. 

These are the wonderful facilities you can have with care insurance, all you need to do is enter your destination, and you will get all the ins and outs about the insurance on the screen. 

If you feel like having multiple trips for a year, you can switch the bar to yes, from the below-mentioned option. That will lead you to a gold package that covers premium facilities and services. 

  1. Godigit: 
digit insurance

Another prominent company for having travel insurance, Godigit insurance company, is spread around the world. They have covered all insurance; Godigit offers the most exciting travel insurance plan. Let’s check it out.  

  • Adventure sports include skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and many others adventure sports. 
  • Get instant monetary compensation for flight delays and interruptions in travel. 
  • You can claim the service at any time from anywhere. 
  • Medical expense coverage

These are the very few out of so many benefits that you can get by taking a travel insurance policy with Godigit. You can file the claim from the smartphone just by browsing a website. 


We are not going to discuss the statistics of uncertainties happening while traveling. But one thing is for sure,  Neither of us wants to lose baggage in transit nor intends to get under the sweater when we’re at leisure. That’s why travel insurance is a must.

When you have travel insurance, you have a beat travel malts that ensure the safety of you and your family and keep your pocket warm. 

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